Interactive A/V installation

Layerjeva hiša
Kokra canyon bridge
Kranj, 2018

SKALA studies the sound and light in micro and macro perception of time. It transforms human insensitive sensual stimuli into a visual and audio artistic creation. Modulated sound and light waves are originated from two primary elements of Kranj city, which are rock and the river.

SKALA modulates light and sound waves traveling through relative time and creates a new dimension of the perception of illusory reality. It transforms man’s insignificant imperceptible stimulus into an artistic composition made by sonic and visual experience of physical frequencies.

The project combines two time contrasts; the abiding acoustic memory of the rock is translated into the human hearing experience and the brief moment of light reflections in river waves is expanded into our perceptible dimension. The sound of rolling stones, transmitted by rivers, consists of an ancient sound composition that has been continuously resonating since of the creation of the earth. The human perception perceives the rock as a static element, although it makes a very long journey before it becomes a grain of sand. People perceive time intervals between sounds of moving rocks as the absence of sound or silence. They last too long so our perception doesn’t merge them in a sound composition. The sound caused by clashing rock is too short for us to hear a wider sound specter of stone tinkling. On the other side the river is in constant motion and transformation; the reflection of light on the chaotic water surface is unstable and unique in its existence. Water and light are dynamic elements and their form is constantly changing through time and space.

The installation is situated inside the canyon of Kokra river and centred underneath the bridge. By touching the hanging stones the audience can make their own sound composition and change the pattern of filmed light reflection mapped on the concrete pillars of the bridge. The spectator can hear stretched sound samples of stones made on site with field recording and observe the slowed down light shapes mooving fluidly.